Sunday, 19 May 2013

BOP Sun Club welcomes a new committee

The Bay of Plenty Sun Club has a new committee! At yesterday's Annual General Meeting, the 28 members present welcomed five new members onto the committee. This included a new President and Secretary.
The enthusiasm of the new younger committee members has already been felt, with a new web page in the making, new events planned and a new logo.
Keep an eye out for the new calendar of events planned for the rest of the year.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Rotorua event

Mount Tarawera and Lake Rotorua from Mount Ngongotaha
It was a small turnout for the Bay of Plenty Sun Club's walk to the summit of Mount Ngongotaha in Rotorua. Six of the group climbed to the summit while two others did the shorter and less strenuous hour long Nature Walk.

After the walk, four of the group stayed on in Rotorua and spent the afternoon at the top of the gondola. The boys did what boys do and went on the luge for the first time, while the girls took the photos.

Once at the bottom, the boys were brought back to the top on the chairlift.
After afternoon tea st the Summit tearooms, we had Happy Hour by the lake and then went for a Chinese smorgasbord.

One couple spent the night at Holden's Bay Motor Camp while the other stayed at the DOC camp on the shores of Lake Okareka and went for a walk around the shore of Lake Okareka the next morning. This was an easy walk and there was plenty of bird life along the way. This well maintained boardwalk walk around this picturesque lake was well worth doing.
Maybe next year some more members will come along to a weekend in Rotorua. Then we can do the Redwoods walks or Lake Okareka again.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Fun games weekend at Bay of Plenty Sun Club

The weather was great, the turnout was great, there were lots of visitors and the games were fun! What else can I say about our fun games weekend at the Bay of Plenty Sun Club apart from fantastic!!
We played horseshoes, petanque, croquet, mini-golf, pool golf (that's swimming pool golf) and fling golf (a new game). After a shared happy hour and BBQ, we finished the day with a darts competition.
Of course, I must mention our newly formed water volleyball team, who got in a lot of practice in the pool. It helped that the water was warm and that someone thought to bring a net and ball. Are there any clubs out there that want to challenge us? You'd better be prepared 'cos we have had practice!
All our visitors from Rotorua and Wellington certainly enjoyed themselves, staying over the weekend and beyond.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas party

We had a really good turnout for our Christmas party with over thirty members enjoying the wonderfully sunny day.
The pool got a good workout, with many enjoying splashing around to cool off. This gave us a good opportunity to get some great photos that will soon grace our new web page.

Our new umbrellas gave us a shady spot where we could socialise for afternoon tea and happy hour.

Inside the clubhouse, the tables were beautifully decorated by a member for the Christmas dinner. The committee provided the meats for our Christmas meal with members providing veges, salads or dessert.
After the meal, our festivities continued with the usual 'pressi swap', which saw several presents change hands in the light-hearted spirit of the occasion.
The committee of the Bay of Plenty Sun Club would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and happy and healthy New Year.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Phoenix Shield heads back to the Bay of Plenty Sun Club

It was a well fought challenge for the Phoenix Shield between the Bay of Plenty Sun Club and Waikato Outdoor Society over the weekend. Five members of Bay of Plenty Naturists (who didn't belong to BOPSC or WOS) also helped out the BOPSC team. The theme was retro (50s, 60s and 70s), and some games certainly took us back to our childhood schoolyards. 
There was hopscotch


skipping and 4 square, which were all much easier to do when we were young!

The standard petanque, croquet and golf were more conducive for some of us.

Car racing was a lot of fun for all, especially as we got to eat our lolly cars after the race. 

Remember the hula hoop - well the only ones who could wiggle their hips to do that were the young ones - and I mean really young ones (and one young Mum)!
After a hamburger dinner at Dave's Diner,  a night of nostalgia followed with LP records belting out music from the era. 
The outcome of the weekend was that BOP Sun Club won the shield back from WOS 9-6. So until next year when WOS will visit BOPSC for another challenge, the shield will remain in the Bay of Plenty.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Phoenix Shield this weekend

This weekend the Bay of Plenty Sun Club are heading over the hill to Waikato Outdoor Society for the annual Phoenix Shield challenge. This year, the theme is the '50s, '60s and '70s. Think retro games - I don't know what - maybe hula hoops, hop scotch, and other playground games. I am sure what ever is in store, everyone will have a fun time.
Dave's Diner will provide meals for dinner on Saturday night and it will be an 'I remember when...' evening. Book your meal with WOS on
The BOP Sun Club needs all the support we can muster so come along and help us retrieve the shield we lost last year. PLEASE!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Visitor weekend - a good turnout at Bay of Plenty Sun Club

The Bay of Plenty Sun Club hosted 30 people over Labour Weekend, with members being joined by fellow naturists from WOS, NZ Naturists and BOP Naturists as well as some day visitors from Rotorua, Kawerau and Tauranga.

Our visitors really enjoyed the company of the members staying on the grounds and our new caretaker did a great job showing the visitors around. It was good to see other members call in, even if just for the afternoon. On Saturday night we had a BYO BBQ and after that, some Wii games and sjoelen, which were provided by members. Those present had a turn at one or the other (or both) and some people stayed up late to watch the rugby.

Sunday was a good day to stay inside for the committee meeting or to watch a movie. Others just blobbed out with a good book or had a nap.

On Monday morning, our naked chefs cooked us breakfast on the BBQ. Fresh farm eggs were provided by one member and some of our visitors provided the bacon and hash browns. Sitting outside in the sunny BBQ area in club uniform while other parts of the country had snow and cold temperatures made us all realise that we really are lucky to be in the sunny Bay of Plenty.