Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Phoenix Shield returns to the Waikato

The only downside of the annual Phoenix Shield challenge between BOP Sun Club and Waikato Outdoor Society at Planet BOP was that the shield went back to the Waikato with the WOSarians. Never mind – you’ve heard of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’… Watch out next year WOS!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Food of the future?

At Planet BOP for the Phoenix Shield, food of the future was served up for dinner. This consisted of a different pill for each course starting with an orange pill for shrimp cocktail, with seafood sourced from Cancer and Pisces. After that, the brown pill was the main course of cold meats and Martian pies with a green pill of fresh vegetables from Venus and potatoes from Jupiter. Dessert consisted of a pink pill, subtley flavoured with moon cake (pavlova), rocket cake (chocolate log) and fruit from Saturn.
The spacemen received an extra 'little blue pill' as a rocket booster!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Spacefolk arrive at Planet BOP

With the theme of 'The Future', the recent Phoenix Shield Challenge between BOP Sun Club and Waikato Outdoor Society saw participants joining in all aspects of the event and, as we all know, naturists love to 'dress up'.
So it wasn't surprising to see a large number of spacemen and women arrive for Happy Hour suitably attired. Even a spaceship landed on the grounds and two 'aliens' disembarked.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Phoenix Shield games

With a theme of 'The Future', the games we play today on Planet Earth were not appropriate for the Phoenix Shield challenge. So Planet BOP had to come up with some more futuristic games.
The resultant games, such as Meteors (petanque), Flying saucers (Frisbee golf), Toss the alien (a game all of its own), Shooting Stars (target shooting), Black Holes (putting a table tennis ball with a golf club) etc were all played in the spirit of the shield. Another fun game was making a rocket from a whistling balloon. The balloon was carefully blown up and then let go. No way could the direction of that be determined. One even flew in through the door of a nearby campervan! Many landed in trees and one even landed on the clubhouse roof!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Annual Phoenix Shield challenge

Tha annual Phoenix Shield challenge between BOPSC and Waikato Outdoor Society was held at the BOP Sun Club early in November.
A contingent of eight WOS members travelled to the BOP Sun Club to join over 20 BOPSC members in the fun challenge, with the theme of 'The Future'.
More details soon.

Craft market at the 40th anniversary

On the Sunday at our 40th anniversary, the BOP Sun Club held a craft market, with goods on display all made by members. A good turnout bought knitwear (clothes and toys), cards, Christmas goodies and a special anniversary tomato relish, made especially for the occasion and labelled appropriately.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

1976 and 2011

One of the memories six former members of the BOPSC (who were all at the 40th anniversary of the club) had from the 1970s was attending the NZ Sunbathing Association's rally in Wellington (aka 'The Gumboot rally').
At the Percy Cousin's Trust concert at that rally, the club members, including children, decked out in their yellow T-shirts and gaining the name 'The Canaries', sang 'Rockin' Robin', ably led by Barry (aka the Two Ton Canary).
This song was re-enacted at the anniversary by those six members present - once again led by Barry.
 The photos show the difference 35 years makes.

Can you spot me in the pic from 1976?