Sunday, 18 March 2012

BOP Naturists Mystery Weekend

Thank you BOP Sun Club for hosting the BOP Naturists Mystery Weekend. About a dozen members of the BOP Naturists group who did not belong to the club made their first visit to the club grounds and joined another dozen or so club members.
Special thanks to Peter and Sharron for taking us all on the walk, and to Jenny for taking the group visitors on a walk through the bush tracks at the club. Thanks to Rien for showing us all how to play Sjoelen and Kim, a new member, who brought along a new card game 'Sabouteur' which we all enjoyed. Also thanks to all other members of the club who helped make the weekend a success.
Thanks also to the members of the club for not spilling the beans regarding the location of the Mystery Weekend. It certainly showed what a great team effort it was from the club members to make the visitors feel welcome.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Weather Bombs and Open Days

It was a lovely weekend for our open days. Although the weather forecast of a weather bomb may have been the spoiler for Saturday, turning a lot of visitors off coming, those who did still had a lovely time relaxing a our beautiful club grounds.
Despite some areas around the country getting hammered by the storm, we had no rain to speak of on Saturday, and only a few occasional wind gusts. But Sunday was brilliant. 
We had three visitors come along and an application from a new couple. But what was really great was the turnout from our own members, who stayed at the grounds for the weekend to support the club and welcome the visitors.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Come along to our Open Weekend

Although the forecast isn't looking that good for Saturday, we will still be at the BOP Sun Club for their open weekend. The clubhouse is warm and cosy and the spa will be on. It will be a good chance to meet up with the members, play some board games or just chill out. You can also see the great facilities that the BOP Sun Club has, including a great covered outdoor BBQ area.
The forecast for Sunday is better if you want to come just for the day. Special discounted membership deals for new members, and all visitors will get a free goody bag. A free lunchtime sausage sizzle will be provided for all.