Saturday, 23 July 2011

40th Anniversary of Incorporation

The Bay of Plenty Sun Club started out as the Tauranga Sun Club in 1967. It leased land in Belk Road, near Tauranga until it moved to its present location near Matata and changed its name to BOP Sun Club in 1974.
In 1971, the club became an Incorporated Society and this event will be celebrated at Labour Weekend (21-24 October), with a full programme of events planned for the weekend. We are inviting former members of either the Tauranga Sun Club or BOP Sun Club to come along to help celebrate the event. Please contact the secretary on for more information. A full programme and registration form are on our webpage:
A history of the club is currently being compiled and if any former members have photos of the early days, either at Belk Road or at Matata, please contact the secretary as most photographic records were lost in the clubhouse fire in 1987.

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