Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas at the Bay of Plenty Sun Club

Another Christmas feast was the order of the day at the Bay of Plenty Sun Club's annual Christmas party. One thing is for sure, you never go hungry at the BOP Sun Club!
The Christmas themed pot luck dinner this year will be remembered for 'ham'! While normally, chicken is the most popular item on the menu, this year it was ham. And the desserts - well they were to die for. However, no-one was complaining and all went into the unique 'pressie swap' well fed.
As usual, the pressie swap was a lot of fun. For the uninitiated, all the presents are placed in the centre of the room. Each person is allocated a number and in order, participants choose a present. If they like the look of another's present, they can swap it BEFORE opening their own. Sometimes, presents can change hands several times throughout the swap. This year, the pressie swap will be remembered for 'chocolates'! Those people with the highest numbers who were chocoholics were able to feed their habit well.

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