Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Weekend in Rotorua - Part 3 Around the lakes

After warming up in the hot pools, eight of the group arrived at a campsite by Lake Rerewhakaaitu for the night. Happy hour was convened beside the picture perfect lake as the sun went down.

The next day, we toured around Lake Rerewhakaaitu, stopping off at the DOC camps on the shores of the lake. At the Ashpit Road camp, we searched for a ‘geocache’. Sadly we didn’t find it so continued on with the idea of having lunch, followed by a walk at ‘The Redwoods’. However there was a national cycling and kayaking event on there with the subsequent large number of vehicles – so to plan B (conceived as we sat in the traffic jam)! The lunch stop would now be Blue Lake.

After lunch, we decided to walk around the lake – a walk of 1½ hours, and then headed to our overnight camp on the shores of Lake Okareka. Here we watched the sun go down and the moon come up, making good use of the DOC shelter on the shores of the lake for happy hour.

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